Mitch Creek Joins The Boomers FIBA World Cup 2019 Team

Mitch Creek will replace Xavier Cooks in the team. Creek will play in the Australia v Canada Basketball games tonight, Friday, August 16 and Saturday, August 17.

Australian Boomers Head Coach Andrej Lemanis said: “I know how much it means for Mitch to play for the Boomers and represent his country. In yet another example of how fortunate we are to have the wonderful people we have involved in this program. When I spoke with Mitch about the opportunity to come in and join the team, I asked him if he still felt the passion to do so after the disappointment of last week – his answer was ‘of course, without question, I’m in’.

“As in life, sport presents moments of joy and disappointment. I’m really pleased for Mitch that after all he has given to the Boomers program over the years that he now gets an opportunity to compete at the World Cup. It is just reward for him and we all look forward to the contribution he will make to the team.”

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